Dr. Gerdsri carried out his research works to business communities by providing academic training courses and project consultancies for leading organizations like APEC Center of Technology Foresight, PTT Public Company, Siam Cement Group, Siam Makro, Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office, Thailand Automotive Institute, etc.


Three key areas of Dr. Gerdsri’s services are: Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, Technology Planning and Roadmapping, and Project Management.




The following section describes the details of engagement in each area.

-      Discussed with the management executives regarding how to effectively drive an organization with technology and innovation. The key issues such as the incorporation of technology and innovation as a part of corporate strategy, technology portfolio, technology platform, R&D management, and innovative organization are addressed with case examples

-      Consulted a group of technology management team to setup technology platforms and technology development plans supporting technological capability enhancement as well as new product development (NPD)

-      Trained a group of managers and management team to understand their roles and responsibilities as a technology manager or an innovation manager


Participating organizations include:

  • SCG Building Materials
  • SCG-Middle Management Development Program, Siam Cement Group
  • PTT-Research Technology Center, PTT Public Company Limited
  • Mitr Phol Group
  • Singha Corperation
  • Samart Telecoms (Public) Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Tsusho (Thailand)
  • Ministry of Public Health
  • Listed companies in MAI-Market for Alternative Investment, Stock Exchange of Thailand


-      Consulted and coached a group of managers, researchers, and business developers to develop the company’s product-technology roadmap and link into the company’s research roadmap

-      Consulted a group of executives to develop the company’s innovation roadmap and link with the corporate strategy

-      Facilitated a technology roadmapping session as a part of the Technology Foresight Workshop

-      Trained a group of managers and engineers to understand the development process of technology roadmapping

-      Facilitated a group of international experts involving in

Ø  the healthcare management and technology development for medical applications to craft a scenario used to portray the future development and develop a technology roadmap to combat emerging infectious diseases (The activities were organized in Taipei and Tokyo by National Taiwan University Hospital and National Institute of Science and Technology Policy - NISTEP, respectively during 2006-2007).

Ø  the development of hydrogen energy applications to develop a technology roadmap representing the uses of future energy in different APEC economies. (The activities were organized in Vancouver, Canada with the collaboration of Industry Canada during 2005)


Participating organizations include:

  • APEC Center for Technology Foresight
  • Botanical Garden Organization, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand
  • Precise International Co., Ltd., Thailand
  • PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) Public Company Limited, Thailand
  • SCG Building Materials Co., Ltd., Siam Cement Group
  • SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd., Siam Cement Group
  • Siam Pulp and Paper Public Company Limited, Siam Cement Group
  • Siam Makro (MAKRO) Public Company Limited, Thailand
  • Syntec Construction (SYNTEC) Public Company Limited, Thailand
  • Thailand-National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC)



-      Organized a series of training and workshop sessions to effectively apply project management approach in accomplishing the project objectives within limited time and resources. The following are the key issues for discussion.

Ø  Link project management as a mechanism for corporate strategic execution

Ø  Examine the project management activities, techniques and issues involved throughout the life cycle of a project

Ø  Gain practical experiences of planning and tracking a project

Ø  Discuss the alternatives for shortening project duration


-      The sessions have been tailor-made for different groups of participants including

Ø  project managers and researchers across leading national research units such as NECTEC, MTEC, BIOTEC and NANOTEC

Ø  hospital staffs (physicians, nurses, and administrators) who play a major role in advancing medical services and research activities

Ø  University personals (Deans, Directors and Senior Administrators) who play a major role in advancing teaching, research, and service activities

Ø  middle managers who work for Japanese firms in Thailand



Participating organizations include:

  • Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency
  • Siam Cement Group
  • Leading hospitals (Siriraj Hospital, Ramathibodi Hospital, etc.)
  • Mahidol University
  • Naresuan University
  • Micro Chip (Thailand)
  • Japanese firms organized by CICOM
  • KCG Corporation